10 of the best games to be released in 2013

Ever wondered which games will be the very bestin 2013? aboutGames.eu has a list for you in which we included game sagas with such a great success in their prequels, that fans will step on their feet just to play the story one more time. Here’s what we think you should be waiting for in 2013:
10. Sim City
9. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
8. Dead Space 3
7. The Elder Scrolls Online
6. BioShock Infinite
5. Company of Heroes 2
4. Tomb Raider
3. Castlevania 2: Lords of Shadow
2. South Park: The Stick of Truth
1. Grand Theft Auto V

We’ve excluded some games like Crysys 3 because we believe that some games should remain in a duology state rather than a boring trilogy.

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