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October 20, 2018, 21:02

Suzanne Bocanegra’s Haunting, Beautiful Clutter |

Stuff is a problem. Just ask the wellness experts. “Clutter is bad” is a mantra so ubiquitous that I sometimes think we are all living in the wake of that Steve Jobs portrait from...

Fran Drescher in “The Nanny” Is the Fashion Look This Fall |

Every insomniac has her own late-night Internet-browsing routine. Mine begins with IMDb, where I like to click on the names of character actors and peruse their upcoming projects. (Weirdly soothing to know that Cloris...

The Women Who Won the Right to Vote |

This fall, a new book, “Bold & Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won Women the Right to Vote,” pairs vibrantly painted portraits of early women’s-rights activists by Maira Kalman with text by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand,...

“Wanderlust,” Reviewed: Toni Collette in a Self-Help Soap Opera |

The title card for the new Toni Collette show not only identifies it as “Wanderlust” (Netflix) but also supplies a dictionary definition of the term. This signals the program’s efforts to elevate bluntness to...

The Cheating Scandal That Has Shaken the World of Élite Sommeliers |

In early September, a hundred and forty-one sommeliers in pressed suits and shined shoes assembled nervously at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. They were there to attempt the most difficult and...

“Can You Ever Forgive Me?,” Reviewed: Melissa McCarthy Finally Gets the Dramatic Role She...

Melissa McCarthy has been in need of a substantial dramatic role for quite a while, and in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?,” which opens on Friday, she gets one—and makes the most of it....

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