Doom PC Cheats

While playing, type any of these codes and have a blast.

IDDQD — Invulnerability
IDBEHOLDI — Temporary invisibility
IDBEHOLDR — Temporary radiation suit
IDBEHOLDS — Temporary berserk
IDBEHOLDA — Temporary automap
IDBEHOLDV — Temporary invulnerability
IDBEHOLDL — Temporary light
IDKFA — Full health, ammo, weapons, armor and keys
IDFA — Full health, ammo, weapons, and armor
IDDT — Change map detail
IDCHOPPERS — Gain chainsaw
IDCLEVxx — Warp to level ‘xx’ where xx is 01 to 19
IDMYPOS — Displays your position and bearing
IDMUSxx — Music select. ‘xx’ is the level who’s song you want.
IDSPISPOPD — Walk through walls!

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