How to play NES games on a low-cost Android Tablet?


Did you ever wonder how you can transform your low-cost Android Tablet into a portable NES console? Android developers came up with a very neat application which will help you play classic games on any Android Device.

John Nes Lite (NES Emulator) can be downloaded from Google Play and has a lot of features like: high quality rendering, zip file support, auto search device for games and turbo buttons for the virtual on-screen pad. It supports both landscape and portrait display and it has a very interesting function for Games Geenies (retro-cheaters know best).

After you download, make sure you get some games. The internet if full of NES Rom games.

The most important thing about this app, besides it’s remarkable speed, is the fact that it’s free for download and install. There is also a paid version, for those who want to get rid of google ads messing up their gaming skills.

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