Install Windows from Windows (XP on 8)

1. Download and install VirtualBox.

2. Start VirtualBox (from either start menu, desktop or program files)

3. From the “New” button, create a new access file for your Windows Operating System. By using this Wizard, you will also be guided in creating a virtual hdd for your new virtual OS. Remember to add as much RAM as you think you’ll need (A minimum of 512 MB RAM is recommended for early versions of XP, and 1GB for SP3 and above).

Install Windows from Windows 1

4. Download a image file or create one from your Windows XP Installation Disk.  You can also use the Installation CD by inserting it into your physical CD-ROM drive.

5. Start the Virtual Machine from your Virtual Box’s Machine List

Install Windows from Windows 2

6. From the Virtual Machine Window, click on Devices menu, and select your corresponding installation source from CD/DVD Devices. Note that you don’t have to mount the virtual image, and you can directly use the file.

7. From the Machine menu, Reset your Virtual Machine in order to boot up from your newly added virtual CD/DVD Device.

8. Windows XP Setup will start as if it would be installed on a normal machine.

Install Windows from Windows 1

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