By James O’Connor

Tipperary Gardaí are investigating an incident at Kilfeacle Rugby Club in which two sets of goalposts were cut down.

The act of vandalism was reported on Sunday at 10am when club officials arrived at Morrissey Park to prepare for the Tipperary side’s Junior League Division 1 clash and found a set of posts on two pitches lying on the grass.

“Yesterday morning we arrived to prepare the pitch for the fixture against Newcastle West who we were due to play at 2.30pm when we discovered that two goalposts had been cut down. One on either pitch, so the object of the exercise was to make sure we couldn’t play any game,” Kilfeacle RC committee member Tony Lowry told Tipp FM.

“We’ve got two pitches that are playable and they cut both posts on the town side of each pitch, so we had to inform Newcastle West we were not in a position to play the fixture.

“I would assume there were two individuals involved. It looks like there were con saws used so to cut one post and then move on and cut the other post.

The opening round of the Junior Clubs’ Challenge Cup is scheduled for Saturday at Morrissey Park, and the club is confident the match will go ahead.

“I was there on Sunday morning, it’s shocking what happened. But we won’t let anything like that stop us, we’re playing Galbally this Saturday and we can guarantee the posts will be back up and the match will go ahead on the main pitch,” a club official explained.

“We’re not sure if the posts will be repaired or replaced but other clubs have already reached out to us offering help.

“We’ve got a great relationship with our local clubs so there’s no lack of support. We’ll have the posts back up in no time.”



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