Warcraft 2 PC Cheats

To enable Warcraft 2 Cheats on the PC Version hit ENTER while in the game. When the text box appears, type the following codes and hit enter again. The cheats will be notified and in multiplayer all sides will be affected.

UNITE THE CLANS Takes you to the scenario’s victory sequence.
YOU PITIFUL WORM Takes you to the scenario’s loss sequence.
IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE Gives players Godlike powers.
GLITTERING PRIZES Adds gold, lumber and oil.
VALDEZ Adds oil.
HATCHET Accelerates producion of lumber.
EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES Upgrades player’s magic.
DECK ME OUT Upgrades units.
ON SCREEN Shows whole map.
MAKE IT SO All upgrades and construction happens faster.
THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE Takes you to finale sequence.
NEVER A WINNER Makes victory impossible.
ORC# or HUMAN# Jumps to mission number (Put a Number in #).
TIGERLILY Enables Scenario Jump
DISCO Music Change

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